The Company

“Agrokraft” is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of agricultural-farming method technology that has been sold successfully on the market for over 15 years.

Our main task is to support both small farmers and large corporate farms when choosing high-value, reliable and high-performance machining technologies from a variety of agricultural markets in order to reduce operational and fuel costs as well as to achieve stable productivity growth.

By using state-of-the-art high-performance technologies for cultivating soil and the introduction of sustainable means for agricultural production, products from the German company “Agrokraft” comprise numerous soil cultivating technologies ranging from conventional to the wide grip technologies.

For multi-functional seeders for preparation for planting and sowing grain and all types of row crops, it is difficult to find a comparable product on the modern market.

Our developers provide premium, dependable and high-performance technologies for your individual requirements and with regard to distinctive characteristics of soil and climate conditions of various regions.

“Agrokraft” offers agricultural implements that have been tested successfully under various soil and climate conditions and provides manufacturers of agricultural products with a significant economic advantage for lowering costs and raising productivity.

Various practices and experience have shown us that investing in our technologies pays off very quickly!

Give us the opportunity to make you completely familiar with our products in person and to show you that our technology will live up to your highest expectations.

We provide not only agricultural products from our range, rather we are also prepared to develop innovative technologies for planting agricultural crops together with you.

We will support you in reaching your goals in the agricultural sector and in exploiting the full potential of your crops.

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